PBX Call Center Telephone System

Aska is a leading Call Center development company located in Osaka Japan, that provides call center development services designed for every online business irrespective of size, value, and model to provide high customizability at low costs.

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Top callcenter Development Services

  • Agents

    Define Agents, Telephones, Users and their Permissions.

  • Queues

    Group Agents in Queues, for example by skills and services.

  • Call Recording

    Enable Call Recording (automatic or manual) in .wav, mp3 or .gsm format.

  • Call Transfer

    Transfer calls through blind, attended or warm transfer.

  • Call Monitoring

    Listen, download and rate Recordings for Quality monitoring.

  • Call Analytics

    Analyze performances using custom or ready to use reports.

  • Call History

    Check inbound, outbound, internal and abandoned calls.

  • Agent Presence

    See the Agents' status (ready, on pause, not online) in realtime.

  • Voicemail

    Use Voicemail application to let a caller leave a voice message.

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