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Aska is a top PBX development company that delivers cross-platform applications that integrate perfectly with the business outbound telephone system requirements. We offer the best PBX development services to deliver robust, flexible, high performing & future-ready cross-platform applications.

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What we do

Top outbound Development Services

  • Make Outbound calls

    Make outbound calls through the Asterisk PBX.

  • Recieve Outbound calls

    Receive calls from outside lines to a extension within the Asterisk PBX.

  • Registration

    Use numbers such as NTT, fusion, Twillio and many more.

  • Call Transfer

    Transfer outbound calls through the asterisk PBX to various extensions.

  • Call Monitoring

    Listen, download and rate outbound call recordings for quality monitoring.

  • Call Analytics

    Analyze performances using custom or ready to use reports.

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