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Making Calls with Asterisk Ami

okuda Okuda 2 years

This time we are going to do something a bit more excited with the Asterisk Ami. We are going to make a call through the Asterisk Ami.

Asterisk Ami Commands

Before we are getting started with the originate function, let's take a look at all the Asterisk AMI commands that are available within Asterisk.

Let's login into the Asterisk CLI and use the following command:

$ manager show commands

This will bring up a list view of all the available Asterisk AMI commands:

 AbsoluteTimeout  Set Absolute Timeout                                   
  AgentCallbackLo  Sets an agent as logged in by callback                 
  AgentLogoff      Sets an agent as no longer logged in                   
  Agents           Lists agents and their status                          
  ChangeMonitor    Change monitoring filename of a channel                
  Command          Execute Asterisk CLI Command                           
  DBGet            Get DB Entry                                           
  DBPut            Put DB Entry                                           
  Events           Control Event Flow                                     
  ExtensionState   Check Extension Status                                 
  GetConfig        Retrieve configuration                                 
  Getvar           Gets a Channel Variable                                
  Hangup           Hangup Channel                                         
  IAXnetstats      Show IAX Netstats                                      
  IAXpeers         List IAX Peers                                         
  ListCommands     List available manager commands                        
  Logoff           Logoff Manager                                         
  MailboxCount     Check Mailbox Message Count                            
  MailboxStatus    Check Mailbox                                          
  Monitor          Monitor a channel                                      
  Originate        Originate Call                                         
  Park             Park a channel                                         
  ParkedCalls      List parked calls                                      
  PauseMonitor     Pause monitoring of a channel                          
  Ping             Keepalive command                                      
  PlayDTMF         Play DTMF signal on a specific channel.                
  QueueAdd         Add interface to queue.                                
  QueuePause       Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable           
  QueueRemove      Remove interface from queue.                           
  Queues           Queues                                                 
  QueueStatus      Queue Status                                           
  Redirect         Redirect (transfer) a call                             
  SetCDRUserField  Set the CDR UserField                                  
  Setvar           Set Channel Variable                                   
  SIPpeers         List SIP peers (text format)                           
  SIPshowpeer      Show SIP peer (text format)                            
  Status           Lists channel status                                   
  StopMonitor      Stop monitoring a channel                              
  UnpauseMonitor   Unpause monitoring of a channel                        
  UpdateConfig     Update basic configuration                             
  UserEvent        Send an arbitrary event                                
  WaitEvent        Wait for an event to occur

Asterisk AMI Originate Dial

In order to use the Asterisk originate Ami Dial action, you first need to understand the required syntax which can be found with the following Asterisk Ami Command.

$ manager show command Originate

This will open the documentation for the Originate command and provide an overview of the relevant options available:

    ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
    Channel name to call.
    Extension to use (requires 'Context' and 'Priority')
    Context to use (requires 'Exten' and 'Priority')
    Priority to use (requires 'Exten' and 'Context')
    Application to execute.
    Data to use (requires 'Application').
    How long to wait for call to be answered (in ms.).
    Caller ID to be set on the outgoing channel.
    Channel variable to set, multiple Variable: headers are allowed.
    Account code.
    Set to 'true' to force call bridge on early media..
    Set to 'true' for fast origination.
    Comma-separated list of codecs to use for this call.
    Channel UniqueId to be set on the channel.
    Channel UniqueId to be set on the second local channel.

The next step is to try it out.

To do this, connect to the Asterisk Ami and start with authenticating yourself. Once connected and authenticated, you will be able to start using the Originate Dial command.

This can be done by writing the following command.

$ Action:Originate
$ Channel:PJSIP/101
$ Contect:phones
$ Exten:100
$ Priority:1

Now extension 101 will be dialed, after the user picks up, extension 100 will be dialed.

Making Calls with Asterisk Ami 2021-08-24 08:19:25

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