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Making video calls with Asterisk

Wesley Wesley 2 years

In this post, I would like to show you what settings you'll need to make a video call through Asterisk.


  • Asterisk 16 or 18
  • Basic Pjsip users

To be able to make video calls, we'll need to add a few parameters to our pjsip.conf file. First, let's move to our Asterisk directory and open the pjsip.conf file.

$ cd /etc/asterisk
$ vi /pjsip.conf

Here we'll need to add the following parameters to our general section.

videosupport = yes
allow      = h263

With these parameters, we tell Asterisk to enable video support for all sip users, and for the sip video calls, we use the codec h263. After updating. we'll need to restart our Asterisk.

$ systemctl restart asterisk

We are now able to make video calls.

Making video calls with Asterisk 2021-08-24 07:59:54

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