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Customer Relationship Management

Wesley Wesley 2 years
Customer Relationship Management

In the past couple of weeks, we have been working on a Customer Relationship Management system that works together with Asterisk and Laravel. A big challenge as we didn't really know where to start. Laravel is in the last couple of months becoming more and more popular in Japan. For us, it was important to create a system that is easy to use and that works great with the Asterisk Ami Interface.

For us, it was important that with the Customer Relationship Management system it was possible to import a phone number list from Excel, export the list and to update the users profile with future statuses. This seemed to be quite a challenge, but with Laravel, we thought it was easier to manage.

asterisk list call

To make the connection between Laravel and Asterisk we decided to use the Asterisk Ami. This way we could easily send actions from Laravel to Asterisk and do any future actions with the responses that we got back from Asterisk. This way we could show in the Management system if a user had picked up the phone or that the call request was denied.

In the end, everything came along really well. It quite exceeds our expectations as Laravel has many dependencies that can help build a Customer Relationship Marketing System in a short time. This system can be download on our GitHub page [click here] and used. For more information about our free Customer Relationship Management system for Asterisk, give us a call on 06-6131-1267 or send us an email via our contact form to arrange a meeting. We can also customize the system for every kind of business.

Customer Relationship Management 2021-08-18 09:16:06

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